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Keeler Estate, a Demeter-Certified biodynamic vineyard, is located in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, with the snow capped Cascade Mountains to the East and the spectacular Coast of the Pacific Ocean to the West.

Our story begins in 1989 when Craig and Gabriele Keeler were searching for properties to begin a new chapter in their lives and decided to take a walk through a picturesque hillside in Amity, Oregon. When Gabriele saw, on this long time abandoned, over grown with blackberries piece of land, the view to the south with views of Mary’s Peak and Oregon’s coastal mountains she grabbed Craig’s hand and said “CK, this is the place!”. In 1990 the Keeler family moved to their 200 acre property and through many years of hard work they transformed what was once fields of brambles, rocky terrain and dilapidated structures to what it is today; a home and Keeler Estate Vineyard. It’s a truly magical place consisting of a thriving Biodynamic vineyard, gardens, forest, lakes and streams.

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Gabriele and Craig Keeler
Gabrielle, Craig, and Beatrice Keeler
Wine vessels

Everything old is new again… We craft our wines a bit differently at Keeler Estate.

Our natural winemaking style means native yeast fermentations and very little manipulation of the resulting wines. We simply work with what our amazing vineyards offer us each year.

In addition to Stainless Steel and French Oak barrels we also use:

  • Concrete Eggs
  • Concrete Dolia
  • Terracotta Amphorae

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Beatrice Keeler
Beatrice Keeler
Director of Marketing
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